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I go by the Godfather, and mostly post whatever I find interesting. I read Tarot, I love rocks, I'm Lutheran, and I appreciate images of good-looking shirtless men. I play a few video games, read a little manga, and am a full-time Psych student aiming for a Master's.
I used to be a huge Anime fan, but can't find a whole lot in the market today I care for. I also used to post gender bender everyday on this blog, but the process of finding such images has become too soul-crushing.
The Seaweed Ambassador is a hero of mine. As is Survivorman.

Silver and N, two sides of the same coin?

So, I was thinking about some of the rivals/antagonists throughout the Pokemon games, comparing and contrasting, and these two stood out from the others. There are just a few things that separate them from the other rivals.

First, the main character didn’t know/grow up with either prior to the beginning of the game, so as you go through the game you have a greater impact on their characters, and are able to change them more.

Second, neither has been able to connect to other humans, until you befriend them through the course of the game. 

On the flip side, their opinions on Pokemon are almost complete opposites. Silver considers them tools to be used as he pleases, while N values their friendship far above that of humans, and want’s to save them from the trainers who would misuse them - trainers like Silver. So while one thinks Pokemon - all Pokemon - should be free, the other believes they should be captured and used however the captor deems fit.

Eventually, both are able to reach a middle ground, accepting that humans and Pokemon have to love and respect each other, and that most people are able to do so. They are both very dynamic characters, as opposed to many of the other rivals who don’t go through a drastic revelation and subsequent character development. Their ideals change, and begin to look at the world as a whole, rather than focusing in on one aspect of it. I think that’s why I like them so much.